Characteristics of High Quality 9H Coating- Avoid Scam and Fraud!

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The internet is full of questions like, "What is the best ceramic coating?" or "What are the differences between Ceramic Coating and Glass Coating?”. Especially in automotive detailing forums, there’s a lot of discussion about those miracle finishes, which offer paint protection with a glossy finish. But what is the truth about the technology and formulation - how can I identify high-quality brands?

In the following post, we will describe, in detail, the chemical nature of durable products, separate fact from fiction, and take a look at the future of auto detailing and nano coating.

Below, we’ve answered four common questions from the web:

  1. What are the key features of high quality ceramic coatings?

  2. Where can I find the best ceramic coatings?

  3. What is the difference between Nano Coating, Ceramic Coating, Glass/ Quartz Coating, Crystal Coating and Diamond Coating?

  4. Are there new inventions or innovations in development?

1. Key Features of High Quality Ceramic Coatings


Provides long-lasting protection against water, dirt, and grime, making surfaces much easier to clean.

Anti-graffiti and Stain Resistant

Acts as a barrier to effectively repel ink, stains, and contaminants.

High-temperature stability

Ensures coatings stay effective, even at extremely high temperatures, using a variety of heat-resistant and high-thermal conductive coatings.

Chemical resistant

Withstands strong cleaning chemicals like acid or alkali (ranging from pH 1-14); it can only be removed by abrasives.

Scratch Protection

Integrates a hardness protection above 9H, protecting surfaces from scratches and wear.

Corrosion Protection

Prevents corrosion and the build-up of surface rust.

UV Protection

Preserves valuable surfaces against aging and discoloration caused by the detrimental impact of UV radiation.

2. Key Features of High Quality Ceramic Coatings

The organic and inorganic raw materials used to formulate the polymers are made in Germany. You shouldn’t assume that a supplier outside of these countries is a scam or fraud, but in terms of the price-performance ratio, you will need to think about shipping, importing and manufacturing costs. However, to be fair, the real quality of such paint coatings is a result of formulation with the right solvents and additives, which makes the country of origin less important.

By the way – We've noticed a recent flood of sealants marketed as ceramic paint coatings, which are based on Silicones or Polysiloxane ( This means old stuff with a new label and could be considered fraud, since car detailers normally do not have all the knowledge included in this article and primarily learn about durability and protection options via videos on the web.

For comparison: silicones do not offer any of the described characteristics except water repellency, which can be determined visually.  This quality is usually discussed on YouTube in "beading/sheeting/hydrophobic" videos from auto industry influencers.

2. How to Find the Best Ceramic Coatings?

A quality ceramic coating should:

A. Have the strong scent of Ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) – organic and inorganic Polysilazanes ceramic coating solutions can only be manufactured using it. Without the scent of Ammonia they are either silane or polysiloxane, which only has a fraction of the durability and protection of true ceramic coatings. Some brands even explain their technology with some fancy names to avoid being recognized as scam or fraud!

B. Be sensitive to humidity – they react with air humidity to create a chemical bond.

C. Sold in pressure-resistant aluminum or glass bottles – they can create pressure in the bottle or "champagne pop" sound effect when you open the bottle

D. Have no ethanol or alcohol odour – this is from either silane or polysiloxane technology. These coatings are probably flammable which can be easily burnt up with lighter.

E. Have anti-graffiti effects- Coated surface repels permanent markers and graffiti, making these marks easy to completely remove by using dry cloth only (without solvents or alcohols)

Isn´t that easy? You can identify low-quality products through smell, curing, packaging, ingredients listed on the MSDS or drawing with a permanent marker!

3. What is the difference between Nano Coating, Ceramic Coating, Glass/ Quartz Coating, Crystal Coating and Diamond Coating?

These are just branded synonyms to do marketing. It is important to check with manufacturers to identify about how their formulation works. Polysilazane based coating is a scientifically proven formula with Three Dimensional Matrix Technology with the following structure:

Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula NH3. As mentioned, organic and inorganic Polysilazane ceramic coating can only be manufactured using Ammonia. After ceramic coating is cured, the Ammonia (NH3) and molecular Hydrogen (H2) evaporated and lost its smell. Finally, a strong bond of Polysilazane ceramic coating with PHPS molecular structure is formed.

4. Are there new inventions or innovation in developments?

Yes. AUTOTRIZ is about innovating surface technology. We are now developing self-healing coating and superhydrophobic coating which cures at room temperature. This coating will heal scratches without the need of any heat. When the coating is scratched, it will heal by itself after several hours, doesn't matter whether it is in summer or winter season! This technology can be used widely in hand phone screen to heal the scratches.

The future of car paint protection will be keeping your car clean without washing it – you will only have to reapply this AUTOTRIZ superhydrophobic coating with a simple spray. The coating improves the repellency from the Petal effect to the Cassi Baxter state. This food-grade superhydrophobic coating can even be used in Yogurt packaging. Licking the lid of Yogurt will be no longer necessary! Interested? Soon, we will release a new article all about superhydrophobic coatings, so stay tuned. 


Are you being scammed or defrauded by some manufacturers?

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