Silicones VS Polysilazanes



Most competitors use Silicone (Siloxane/ Polysiloxane/ Polydimethylsiloxane) based formulation for their nano ceramic coatings or the so-called glass coating. The quality of Silicone based nano ceramic coating is based on the ratio to solvents diluted. However, they all limited to improvement in terms of bonding with the substrates. Even when the pure content of Silicone in their nano ceramic coatings is more than 90%, the bonding strength is still weak since inorganic Silicone based nano ceramic coating had to be bound with organic painted surface.


Silicone based nano ceramic coating creates an additional hard layer of quartz/glass-like silicone dioxide (SiO2) which lays on top of substrates; only acts as a sacrificial layer on the surface without excellent covalent bond.


Other than improving the hydrophobic effect, it does not offer good performance like durability, heat, chemical, scratch resistance, graffiti and stain resistance. Although they are very cost effective, but its efficiency will decrease significantly over the time.



Polysilazanes are well-known for their high temperature and oxidation stability; excellent scratch, abrasion and impact resistance; high hardness (above 9H); and high resistance to weathering and many chemicals. Most or all of these properties are superior to those of Polysiloxanes. Polysilazanes have also outstanding non-stick and easy clean properties which are almost as as good as those of Fluoropolymers (PTFE).


However, the development effort for the use of Polysilazanes by most competitors has been severely limited by its relatively high price and by lack of availability. Thankfully, AUTOTRIZ is one of the few companies which has stable supply of Polysilazanes.


Nevertheless, Polysilazanes are proven by scientiests and nano technologist to be more competitive products compared to Silicone based coatings.


Silicones VS Polysilazanes

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